Sunday, December 26, 2010

Malaysia Shito-Ryu Inter-Dojo Championship 2010

The tournament was held for two days, 18th and 19th of December 2010. Went there on Friday (17th December 2010) and return to UIA on Sunday nearly midnight. It was a great team. We get 2nd for the overall champion, with 6 gold medals.

Our gold medals:
1. Kumite, female, <53 kg
· Nasriah Mohamed Ropi
2. Kumite, male, >76 kg
· Mohd Nadhan b Abd Rahman
3. Kumite, male, < 55kg
· Zaid Hasni
4. Kumite, male age 13-15 years old
· Syafiq Danial b Wan Shariman
5. Kata, female age 13-15 years old
· Nurul Ain Mohd Khairulazhar
6. Kata, male age 13-15 years old
· Syafiq Danial b Wan Shariman

Silver medals:
1. Kumite, female, <53 kg
· Siti Khadijah Abdul Rahman
2. Kumite, female, <48 kg
· Farah Zalikha Ameri
3. Kumite, male, >76 kg
· Aliman Awang Ali
4. Kumite, male, < 55kg
· Aljun L. Macala
5. Kumite, male age 16-18 years old
· Zaid Hasni
6. Kata, female open, > 16 years old
· Siti Khadijah Abdul Rahman
7. Kata open, male 7-12 years old
- Muhammad Amir Khairulazhar

Bronze medals:
1. Kumite, female, >53 kg
· Siti Hajar Mohd Azhar
2. Kumite, female, <48 kg
· Siti Aisyah Suliman
3. Kumite, female age 16-18 years old
· Siti Hajar Mohd Azhar
4. Kumite, female age 13-15 years old
· Nurul Ain Mohd Khairulazhar
5. Kumite, male, <76 kg
· Risman Nur Adi Wijaya
6. Kumite, male age 16-18 years old
· Mohd Badrul Dollah

7. Kumite, male 7-12 years old
- Muhammad Amir Khairulazhar
8. Kata open, female open, > 16 years old
· Nasriah Mohamed Ropi
9. Kata open, male open, > 16 years old
· Muhammad Luqman b Azlan
10. Kata open, male 13-15 years old
· Muhammad Hisman Muhammad Ariff
11. Kata open, male 7-12 years old
· Muhammad Syazan Muhammad Ariff
12. Kata open, male 7-12 years old
· Muhammad Syahiran Muhammad Ariff

Congratulation to all participants! Not forgetting our sensei, Sensei Iman and Sensei Mizan. Without you, we wont even be able to go to this penang mission. Thank you sensei

some pictures of us:

Friday, December 24, 2010

Appreciate your sensei

As a part of our training program last night: each karateka has to go in front and lead the class. Some karateka did well, others didn't do well, and other did funny things...
One karateka said: "Hidary shiko dachi PUNCH TARGET TO THE MOUTH"
Another karateka said: "hidari han zenkutsu dachi morote gedan barai... Back leg GEDAN BARAI"

Very hilarious eh? but the point is, not everyone can be a sensei. So, let's us appreciate our sensei, let's go the dojo and do our best in the training!

Monday and Wednesday: Kumite Training
Tuesday and Friday: Kata Training

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Sei en chin or “Silence in the storm” is a kata that belongs to Naha-te, from master Higaonna school. This is one of the most important kata in shitoryu karate. Tender and slow movement with deep breathing along with quick and strong movements are the specifications in this kata. Shiko-dachi, Neko ashi-dachi and Sanchin-dachi, are executed in this kata.

The time required to perform this kata is about one minute and fifty seconds. The time for performing the first three parts of this kata should be around forty five seconds.

Grabbing the opponent’s wrist and attacking him, uchi komi and hiji kuri uke are used in this kata. The number of movements is forty eight and this kata is practiced in the first dan level.(1)

Enough with theories, just watch the following video and enjoy.(2)


Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Training of Yesterday

Yesterday training was kind of special training. It was mixed with kids karateka, team Selangor and a club member (you know who he is) and two new comers. The number of the karateka who attended yesterday was about 20 or even more. I didn’t actually count hehe.

So what was our training program for last night?

- Dynamic Stretching
It is normal stretching done while jogging. It took more than 20 minutes. The fun part was the rotating jump and the one leg side jumping!

- Practicing eight attacking techniques in kumite
This exercise was done without a partner. The objective is to get the correct 'form' of the 8 attacking techniques.

- Practicing the same techniques with partners
Here, we were to practice focusing on the target, and to control the attacks.

-Free kumite, with changing partners.
This is my favourite training. 20 seconds of kumite with partner and changing partner every 20 seconds. Here, we were to implement the 8 techniques, with correct form, with control and most importantly with DAT (Distance, Angle, Timing)

- One Round Kata
We did only the basic kata. Dai Ichi Dosa. Apparently because we had two new comers =)

- Endurance Training
Although it is ‘endurance training’, we did only one routine. So it was only endurance training by name hehe.

- Cooling Down Session
Of course, after an extensive training like this, there must be a cooling down session. We made a big circle, holding hand, and ‘you gonna do you thing’ ;)

Oh, before I forget, we had a special guest in our dojo last night, Sensei Muhammad from Iran. He share with us about discipline in the dojo. We were honoured to take a photo with him. The photo will be ready in facebook soon inshaAllah.

Last but not least, next Monday, we will have a similar training, 8:30 pm at FSC. Please do come! Especially if you are selected to fight in the “Penang Mission”.

Friday, November 19, 2010

new line up, 2010/2011

line up for tenure 2010/2010

Club President

Vice President

Ahmad Faridi 0715433

Financial Controller
Qatrunnada bt Muhammad Faiz 1019398
Siti Hajar

Training and Demo
Ameen Topa 0716873 
Aljun L. Macala

Publicity and Promotion
Siti Khadijah bt Abdul Rahman 0720050
Muhammad Luqman b Azlan 1010717

Quarter Master
Umi Nur bt Rahmat 0918384
Risman Nur Adi Wijaya 0824065

I should insert this in the previous post, sorry for that. To the new line up, all the best. Do your best. Cuz' the club expect the best out of you. Prove that you can do better than the previous tenure 


first of all, i would like to wish selamat hari raya. eid mubarak to all. selamat hari raya eidul adha.

so now is holiday time. intersem holiday, school holiday, public holiday (on wednesday) and also a holiday for training. but try to do own training ya.

n for the updates, before the sem 1 2010/2011 end, we manage to do two things. first is the AGM at aikol. n second is the AGD at kunang-kunang. n for this time, karateka from nilai n PJ also join our AGD. hope this trend continue for this tenure n the next.

oh n not to forget, since it is the end of sem 1 2010/2011. it is time to say good bye to the old line up. tenure 2009/2010, thankx for everything that you guys have done. to the new line up, all the best! gambate kudasai. we can do better than them. hehe

they say picture gives a thousand words. since i also dont know what else to write, i give u some pictures. picture taken from FB..

tenure 2009/2010
from left: salwan (training n demo), ili ajlaa (financial controller), sarah (publicity n promotion), nani (secretary), amirul iman (president), mdm fauziah fathil (club advisor), aizudin (training n demo), sensei hardi, nasriah ( vice president), ani (training n demo), umi nur (assistant secretary), izzati (QM)
absent: khadijah (assistant financial controller)

those who attend the AGM
from left: luqman (publicity n promotion), arjun (demo), ameen (training), firdaus, ili ajlaa, sarah, amirul iman, mdm fauziah, aizudin (president), sensei hardi, nasriah, aniza, izzati, faridi (secretary), zaid, risman (QM), aliman
sitting from left: Qatrun (financial controller), amanina (vice president), nani, salwan, farah, umi nur (QM), aisyah (secretary)

AGD at kunang-kunang

all that attend the AGD, some already went home

Thursday, November 11, 2010

correct your stance

Long Foward Stance (zenkutsu-dachi)
Correct standard stance requires the front leg to be bent, so that the knee is over the toes and the foot pointing straight ahead.

To find the length of the stance, simply kneel on the rear knee so that it is alongside the back of the front heel.
The correct width is to place the rear foot (pointing forward at 45 degrees) between one and two fist widths to the side. In other words, if you drew two parallel lines four inches to eight inches (100mm-200mm) apart, the inside edge of the front foot would be on one and the edge of the rear heel on the other.
Cat Stance (neko-ashi-dachi)
Correct cat stance requires both knees to be bent and should look as the diagram (left).
The rear foot is placed at 45 degrees with the front foot pointing straight in the direction of travel or opponent.
The front heel is raised from the floor so the contact area is on the ball of the foot and approximately 70-80% of the weight is on the rear foot.
The heels must always be in-line and the front knee forced out to point straight in the direction of travel or opponent.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A to Z in karate

age-uke: middle block
basic block in karate

basadai: to breach a fortress. nama of kata, 1st kyu kata
1st round kata for karate tournament

chudan-tzuki: middle punch
basic punch in karate

dachi: stance
[heisoku-dachi, musubidachi, heiko-dachi, soto-hachiji-dachi, shiko-dachi....]

empi: Elbow. Also known as hiji.
    Elbow strike made upwards, downwards, sideways, inwards, outwards, forwards, or backwards.

furi tzuki: circular/roundhouse punch. taget: temple

gyaku-tzuki: reverse punch
similar to chudan-tzuki

hara-uke: lower block for high stances [moto-dachi, soto hachiji-dachi..]

ipponken: one knuckle thrust

Ippon-Ken / Nakadate-Ippon-Ken (Tsuki)

jodan: target at nose/ear level
jodan -tzuki, jodan-geri (jo sokute), jodan-mawashi geri

kentsui-uchi: bottom fist strike


mawashi geri: turning kick

nekoashi-dachi: cat stance

oi-tzuki: lunge punch

pinan: "Peace and tranquillity." Name of the group of 5 kata Pinan Shodan, Pinan Nidan, Pinan Sandan, Pinan Yondan, and Pinan Godan.


ryu: Style or school of karate.
    >> shito-ryu  (^.^)

shuto: knife hand
shuto-uke, shuto-barai, shuto-uchi

tataken-tzuki: vertical fist punch
ura-tzuki >> tataken-tzuki >> chudan tzuki

ushiro-geri: spinning-back, round house kick.


waza: Technique. For example, keriwaza are kicking techniques


yonhon-nukite: Four finger spear hand thrust made with the tips of the four extended fingers.

zanshin: State of mind where one is fully aware and alert.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


mari mengenal nombor dalam bahasa Jepun..

lets get to know numbers in Japanese..

Kazu (Numbers)

Shi (Yon)sheFour
Shichi (Nana)seechSeven
Ju Ichijoo eech十一Eleven
Ju Nijoo nee十二Twelve
Ju Sanjoo san十三Thirteen
Ju Shijoo she十四Fourteen
Ju Gojoo go十五Fifteen
Ju Rokujoo roke十六Sixteen
Ju Shichijoo seech十七Seventeen
Ju Hachijoo hach十八Eighteen
Ju Kujoo koo十九Nineteen
Ni Junee joo二十Twenty
Ni Ju Ichinee joo eech二十一Twenty One
San Jusan joo三十Thirty

Friday, November 5, 2010

kisah semalam..

nak cakap melayu. harap yg bukan melayu tu bukak kamus dwi bahasa..

pertama sekali, saya ingin mendedikasikan post ini untuk karateka yang tidak berjaya mengahdirkan diri ke dojo semalam untuk men-jeles-kan korang. huahuahua..

training semalam a iman kurangkan kepada 3 routin dari 8 (betol kan ade 8?). jadi takde la penat sangat. tapi sakit kaki tetap ade.

pastu wat endurance league. ala2 masa last training ari tu. kepada yang tak pernah buat endurance training, korang sangat kasihan (gelak jahat..)

oh, the best part. a iman belanja makan! tapi lepas dojo la macam dulu2.. juga menceritakan pengalamannya pada zaman dahulu kala..

jadi kesimpulan yang boleh dipelajari, sila datang training. sebab bukan setiap training a iman nak belanja makan. (^.^)

*note: announcement will be written in english language, so for those who are referring to dictionary, you may close it now

1. for those who wish to apply LIDV from 1st to 12th December 2010, you may take the letter at FSC office starting this monday (8/11/2010)

2. next training, for those who wish to join, is on this coming wednesday (10/11/2010)

3. for those who dont want and cannot go for training, we will still meet during our AGM on 13/11/2010. attendance is compulsory

4. it is also compulsory for all karateka to come for our AGD the following night (14/11/2010)

last but not least, all the best in your final exam. [dedicated for those who havent finish their exams]..

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


fuh! fuh! achoo!! (gaya tiup habuk, sampai terbersin, haha)

so club update:
1. last training for this sem is yesterday 26th october 2010.

2. i think this is not to late to announce.
jeng jeng jeng!!!
we already have our own FB group.
"IIUM Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Club"
checkit dout ya..

3. AGM
date: 13th november 2010 (saturday)
venue: FSC meeting room
time: 9pm
a iman promise that it will be short n brief n on time. (kalau start terlewat, marah dia. haha)

4. AGD
date: 14th november 2010 (sunday)
venue: restoran nelayan
time: after maghrib (so general eh?)
please wear as cute and smart dress
gombak + pj + nilai + kuantan

5. grading
date: 12th december (sunday)
venue: female sports complex

6. training for grading
will start on 1st december (wednesday)
venue: female sports complex
all who want to upgrade thier belt are invited to come (^.^)

7. maybe thats all for now. all the best in your final exam.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010



Please take note of the following :


a. DATE : 08 JAN 2010 (FRIDAY)

b. TIME : 8.00 PM



a. DATE : 10 JAN 2010 (SUNDAY)

b. TIME : 2.00 PM



a. DATE : 17 JAN 2010 (SUNDAY)

b. TIME : 8.30 AM – 5.00 PM


You are all invited for these sessions. Please do come ya…for any info or details, ask here. =).

PS – Updates will be posted, soon..;-).