Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Grand Raya Celebration

MASUM IFTAR (3rd September 2009)

We finally got together, us, MASUM people, for our dinner. What a way to spend our cash prize money..
People present :
Sensei Hadi and beloved Wifey, Kak Mira & sis, Kak Ecam, Abg. Iman, Abg. Asrar, Salwan, Nazirah, Me (Sarah), Ili, Zul, Nasree and Kak Zila.
Location : Kenny Rogers, JJ Setiawangsa, Baskin Robbins, Outdoor JJ..

We had Kenny Rodgers for berbuka puasa..

After Maghrib prayers, we hung out at Baskin Robbins for some dessert. As usual, where there is Karate-ka, there is noise and havocness (mostly caused by our very own Abg. Imanla..hehe..).

Then finally, we cam-whored outside of JJ Setiawangsa, as usual. Karate-ka = suke amek gambar. hehe..which is a good thing,FYI..

Anyways, in a nutshell..best ah. =D.

WARDANCE!! (15th August 2009)

Wardance Team 2009/2010

What is Wardance?

It’s a competition held by the Kulliyah of Architecture and Environmental Design (KAED) under it’s oh so famous KAEDFEST which they launch every year.

Wardance is open to all martial art groups/clubs in IIUM. They consist of Silat, Karate-Do, Taekwondo, and others. Participation was on a group basis, where a team can consist of around 10 people.

The basics of the competition is performance/demonstration of martial arts. Usually accompanied by music.

FYI, Karate-Do Women's team used a quite catchy tune for our performance. The track is called Boomerang by Blumchen, and was introduced by our very own Kak Ecam ;-)..

The choreographing was also conducted by our beloved Kak Ecam..Congrats to all..your hard work paid off! you guys will forever..ROCK..!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Karate-Do won 2nd place in WARDANCE 2009/2010. Lets do it again, next year! =D.

P.S : I will post up the video soon, once i get it..

Mass Gathering 2009/2010

Our first Mass Gathering for new members this year!

Although not many showed up for our Mass Gath, we still managed to get together, have a little fun, and ate good food! As the saying goes, “Quality over Quantity”.

Thanks so much to those who attended and to all Committee members who were involved..your efforts are always appreciated..

UKHUWAH DAY with NILAI & PJ karate (August 2009)

We trained, we learned new things, we interracted, but most importantly, we had LOTSA FUN!

Thanks to our members from NILAI, and PJ for making an effort to come!
We hope all of u enjoyed yourselves. We sure did enjoy your company and can't wait to see you guys here in Main Campus!

Anyway, what did we DO??

  1. Warm-up, Kata Training with Abg. Iman
  2. Games
  3. Breakfast
  4. IIUM short Tour
  5. Movie Show (Black Belt)
  6. Karate Seminar with Sensei Mizan
  7. BBQ!
  8. Depart..=(.
Here are some pics !

Monday, September 14, 2009


Hellloooo faithful followers of iium shitoryu BLOG!

First and foremost..apologies and ampuns to all cos of the very2 delayed updates. things come up, people get busy, and priorities go haywire. but, nontheless, that should not be a reason to let you guys down! =D.

Anyway, tak nak say too much, in the next couple of posts i will be posting some updates and some pictures for your enjoyment! keep track of us on FACEBOOK guys! add me or other(s). sare87@gmail.com. ;-).

MASUM (you may refer to Dr. Iman's posts before this).