Saturday, November 10, 2012


Alhamdullilah, SUKPIT have finally finished. After hours of hard training, and lots of sacrifices, we performed our level best and managed to grab a total of ELEVEN MEDALS!

Female Team Kata (Suhailah, Hajar, Aisyah)

Female Individual Kata (Suhailah)
Male Team Kata (Raziman, Ameen, Izzat)
Female Kumite -55kg (Nina)
Female Kumite -68kg (Hajar)
Female Kumite +68kg (Aza)

Male Indiviual Kata (Raziman)
Male Kumite -60kg (Ameen)
Male Kumite -84kg (Adiib)
Male Kumite +84kg (Rais)
Female Team Kumite (Hajar, Azieefah, Farahin)

Alhamdulillah, and million thanks to our senseis. Sensei Iman, UIA team coach and Sensei Mizan, UIA main instructor. Also, not forgetting sensei Rijal who supported us during the four days of the event.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Report in: Mission Accomplished!

Last weekend, the UIA fighter went to a mission in the Inter-dojo Shito-Ryu Karate-do Tournament, which was help in Kajang. This was one of the few missions where fighters from Main Campus and CFS campus unite to conquer the enemy!

Alhamdulillah we have conquered the tournament as we won the most medals! A total of THIRTY-TWO medals and the detailed results as follow:

Gold Medals (3)
  1. M. Amin A.,          kata junior male above 16 years
  2. M. Luqman,          kumite male below 75kg
  3. S. Hajar,               kumite female below 59kg
Silver Medals (10)

  1. Nurfarahin S.,       kata junior female above 16 years
  2. S. Aisyah,             kata open female
  3. Israa' C.,               kumite junior female 7-9 years
  4. M. A. Azam,         kumite senior male 10-12  years
  5. M. A. Aiman,        kumite male below 55kg
  6. M. Adiib,              kumite male above 68kg     
  7. N. Suhailah,          kumite female below 48kg
  8. S. Sarah,               kumite female below 53kg
  9. Fatin H,                 kumite female below 59kg 
  10. Team Kata Alpha: M. Luqman, S. Aisyah, A. Topa, 
 Bronze Medals (19)

  1. M. Izzul I.,          kata junior male above 16 years
  2. M. A. Amin,       kata junior male above 16 years
  3. A. Topa,             kata open male
  4. N. Syahidah,       kata junior female above 16 years
  5. S. Zaidatul I.,      kata junior female above 16 years
  6. S. Hajar,             kata open female
  7. M. A. Amin,       kumite male below 55kg
  8. Aizuddin,            kumite male below 55kg
  9. A. Topa,             kumite male below 61kg
  10. M. Syahir M.,     kumite male below 68kg
  11. A. Abdullah,        kumite male below 75kg
  12. A. Adha,             kumite male below 75kg
  13. M. Fitri F.,          kumite above below 75kg
  14. M. Faedz,           kumite above below 75kg
  15. Nurfarahin A.,     kumite female below 48kg
  16. Munirah C. R.,    kumite female below 53kg
  17. N. Faezah J.,       kumite female below 59kg
  18. Team Kata Beta: Nurfarahin A,, M. A. Amin, N. Syahidah,
  19. Team Kumite: M. Luqman, S. Hajar, A. L. Macala, S. Sarah, A. Topa

Congrats to all the fighters name-listed above. And all the best to those who have tried but didn't succeed to win. Remember that winning and losing in not everything! Overcoming the fear that lies within you is a great triumph already! And with hard-work and discipline, as you managed defeat your fears inside the ring today, you will mange to defeat your opponents in the future, inshaAllah.

Last but not least, a million thanks to our senseis who effortlessly trained us to be prepared to this event: Sensei Mizan, Sensei Iman, Sensei Rijal and Sensei you-know-who. Also thanks to all of those who have sacrificed a part of their vacation and leisure time to participate in this event and support the team.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012



In preparation for: SUKIPT 2012 (Sukan IPT Malaysia Kali Pertama-1-4 Nov. 2012, DEKTA UKM Bangi) and other preceding tournaments.
a) It consists of 3 days routine training that will improve the basic physical developments, in accordance to the sports science programme for combat sports, i.e. Training Programme for ‘Pre-competition period’.
b)  Each day will focus on different elements to be developed, i.e. muscle resistance, anaerobic, aerobic, plyometric, speed, agility, flexibility, and karate-do techniques.
c)   Programme begins from 7 August 2012 till 7 September 2012.
d) Those who wish to represent UIA Karate-do Mustangs Team, must abide by the training programme as insya Allah the improvement can be observed by the coach later.
e)  Please be reminded that the main UIA Karate-do Mustangs Team will be selected from 2 tournaments: INTER-DOJO SHITORYU (8-9 September 2012) and IKOT 2012 (27th – 30th September 2012 -Bro Kamal's proposed dates as of now)

1st day : (Advisable: Monday & Thursday)
 = approximate time- 45 minutes only)

*  Plyometric = Burpee jump.
-(Standard: 8 times 3 set. Minimum: 8 times)

*  Endurance Anaerobic = [1 meter touch, come back (do 5 stations)]       
 -Repeat the routine for 3 sets.
-Observe time by stopwatch in your handphone/watch, jot down date & time record.
-Must be [1]progressed record time.

*  Kata, speed repetitions.
- Applicable to senpais: Ameen, Luqman, Zaid, Raziman, Izat, Hajar, Sue, Aisyah
- (3 times) progressed record time, jot down date & time record.
-Different kata per day.

*  Kumite, speed repetitions.
-   Applicable to all.
-       All your favourite tzuki waza (hand/ punch techniques).
-       E.g gyaku tzuki, kizami tzuki, oi tzuki(fly), 1-2, 2-1,etc.)
-       (5 times), each times improve in term of completion of technique and speed.

2nd  day : (Advisable: Tuesday & Friday)
*  Aerobic= Jogging 30 minutes or swimming 20 minutes or brisk walk 45 minutes.

*  Kata - kihon training. (Senpai to do all katas in slow motion, observe dachi, hara, waza, zanshin, kime, kokyo & chakugan)

*  Full muscle stretching.

*  Kumite, speed repetitions.
-   Applicable to all.
-       All geri (leg/kicking techniques).
-       E.g mae ashi Jodan mawashi geri, ushiro ashi jodan mawashi geri, chudan mawashi geri,  mae ashi Jodan ushiro geri, ushiro ashi jodan ushiro geri, tobi mawashi yoko geri, mae ashi yoko geri, mae geri etc.)
-       (5 times), each times improve in term of completion of technique and speed.

3rd day : (Advisable: Wednesday & Saturday)
*  Muscle resistance training- muscle endurance exercise
-Do the bending/curl exercise for big muscles i.e.  biceps and triceps, hamstring and quadriceps, abs @ core.
- 50% of [2]1RM-Do minimum: 15 times repetitions, 2 set. (Or more if you can)
-How to do? = please observe the video that will be posted.
-alternative to the weight, get a friend/ sibling to help you by putting the resistance to the intended muscles or use alternative items: dictionary, text book, bag pack, big water bottle, etc. 
*  Kumite, speed repetitions.(Combination techniques. Routine same as above)
*  Kata, speed repetitions. (for Senpais, same as above)
Rest on Sunday.

Wassalam. Gambatte Kudasai.

Prepared by:
AMIRUL IMAN BIN DOLLAH                                                                   Mobile no: 014-2265758
MSN Specific Sports (Karate-do) And Sports Science Certified Coach, Certificate holder

[1] Time getting improved in each routine
[2] A repetition maximum (RM) is the most weight you can lift for a defined number of exercise movements.A 1 RM, for example, is the heaviest weight you can lift if you give it your maximum effort. A 1RM is your personal weightlifting record for any particular exercise. It could be a squat or deadlift or any other.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

IIUM Mustangs Team 2012

Male Kumite

-55kg: Zaid Hasni
-60kg: Ameen Topa
Izzat Shamsuddin
-75kg: Luqman Azlan
-84kg: Faedz
+84kg: Rais Abdul Hamid

Female Kumite

-50kg: Nuraziefah Nor Hashim
-55kg: Shafawati Shaharizan
Siti Hajar Mohd Azhar
-68kg: Nur Hidayah Hashim
+68kg: Ayesha Abu Johan

Male Kata

Individual: Ameen Topa
Team: Ameen Topa,
            Raziman Md Dom,
            Izzat Shamsuddin

Female Kata

Individual: Siti Hajar Mohd Azhar
Team: Siti Hajar
Mohd Azhar,     
            Nur Suhailah Shafian, 
            Siti Aisyah Suliman

Male Kumite

-55kg: Muhammed Izzul Islam Ismail 
Ashraf Mohd Adzhar
-67kg: Raziman Md Dom
Abdul Hadi Muhammad
-84kg: Mohamad Adiib Aziz
+84kg: Muhammad Akashah Ahamad

Female Kumite

-50kg: Qatrunnada Muhammad Faiz
-55kg: Nur Shafiqa Nabila Mat Sukri
-61kg: Umi Nur Rahmat
Noratiqah Abdul Rahman
+68kg: Vacant
Male Kumite

Individual: Abdul Hadi Muhammad
Abdul Hadi Muhammad,
            Amin Aiman Azhar,           
            Muhammed Izzul Islam Ismail

Female Kumite

Individual: Qatrunnada Muhammad Faiz
Team: Qatrunnada Muhammad Faiz,
            Nur Hanina Mohd Hanizul,
            'Afifah Sarbini


FAQ: Why my name is not in the team?

The selection of the team members was based on three things: (1) the attitude and commitment of the karateka, (2) giving chance and opportunity to as many as possible karateka to join the team, and lastly, (3) the performance of the karateka on the selection day.

FAQ: If my name is not listed, is there any chance for me to join the team?

Yes, indeed there is. As mentioned above, the first criterion of selecting the athlete is the attitude and commitment. Even if your name is not there, if you show excellent commitment and good attitude. You will have a seat in the team inshaAllah.

FAQ: Why there is Team A and Team B?

Simply put, team A consists of the senior athletes and team B consists of juniors. Any member of team B might be 'promoted' to team A if he is committed to training. Likewise, any member of team A might be 'depromoted' to team B if he usually doesn't show up during training session. And in case of the injury or nonavailability of any member in team team A in the day of event, team B will be there for backup!