Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Training of Yesterday

Yesterday training was kind of special training. It was mixed with kids karateka, team Selangor and a club member (you know who he is) and two new comers. The number of the karateka who attended yesterday was about 20 or even more. I didn’t actually count hehe.

So what was our training program for last night?

- Dynamic Stretching
It is normal stretching done while jogging. It took more than 20 minutes. The fun part was the rotating jump and the one leg side jumping!

- Practicing eight attacking techniques in kumite
This exercise was done without a partner. The objective is to get the correct 'form' of the 8 attacking techniques.

- Practicing the same techniques with partners
Here, we were to practice focusing on the target, and to control the attacks.

-Free kumite, with changing partners.
This is my favourite training. 20 seconds of kumite with partner and changing partner every 20 seconds. Here, we were to implement the 8 techniques, with correct form, with control and most importantly with DAT (Distance, Angle, Timing)

- One Round Kata
We did only the basic kata. Dai Ichi Dosa. Apparently because we had two new comers =)

- Endurance Training
Although it is ‘endurance training’, we did only one routine. So it was only endurance training by name hehe.

- Cooling Down Session
Of course, after an extensive training like this, there must be a cooling down session. We made a big circle, holding hand, and ‘you gonna do you thing’ ;)

Oh, before I forget, we had a special guest in our dojo last night, Sensei Muhammad from Iran. He share with us about discipline in the dojo. We were honoured to take a photo with him. The photo will be ready in facebook soon inshaAllah.

Last but not least, next Monday, we will have a similar training, 8:30 pm at FSC. Please do come! Especially if you are selected to fight in the “Penang Mission”.

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