Friday, November 19, 2010


first of all, i would like to wish selamat hari raya. eid mubarak to all. selamat hari raya eidul adha.

so now is holiday time. intersem holiday, school holiday, public holiday (on wednesday) and also a holiday for training. but try to do own training ya.

n for the updates, before the sem 1 2010/2011 end, we manage to do two things. first is the AGM at aikol. n second is the AGD at kunang-kunang. n for this time, karateka from nilai n PJ also join our AGD. hope this trend continue for this tenure n the next.

oh n not to forget, since it is the end of sem 1 2010/2011. it is time to say good bye to the old line up. tenure 2009/2010, thankx for everything that you guys have done. to the new line up, all the best! gambate kudasai. we can do better than them. hehe

they say picture gives a thousand words. since i also dont know what else to write, i give u some pictures. picture taken from FB..

tenure 2009/2010
from left: salwan (training n demo), ili ajlaa (financial controller), sarah (publicity n promotion), nani (secretary), amirul iman (president), mdm fauziah fathil (club advisor), aizudin (training n demo), sensei hardi, nasriah ( vice president), ani (training n demo), umi nur (assistant secretary), izzati (QM)
absent: khadijah (assistant financial controller)

those who attend the AGM
from left: luqman (publicity n promotion), arjun (demo), ameen (training), firdaus, ili ajlaa, sarah, amirul iman, mdm fauziah, aizudin (president), sensei hardi, nasriah, aniza, izzati, faridi (secretary), zaid, risman (QM), aliman
sitting from left: Qatrun (financial controller), amanina (vice president), nani, salwan, farah, umi nur (QM), aisyah (secretary)

AGD at kunang-kunang

all that attend the AGD, some already went home

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