Wednesday, October 27, 2010


fuh! fuh! achoo!! (gaya tiup habuk, sampai terbersin, haha)

so club update:
1. last training for this sem is yesterday 26th october 2010.

2. i think this is not to late to announce.
jeng jeng jeng!!!
we already have our own FB group.
"IIUM Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Club"
checkit dout ya..

3. AGM
date: 13th november 2010 (saturday)
venue: FSC meeting room
time: 9pm
a iman promise that it will be short n brief n on time. (kalau start terlewat, marah dia. haha)

4. AGD
date: 14th november 2010 (sunday)
venue: restoran nelayan
time: after maghrib (so general eh?)
please wear as cute and smart dress
gombak + pj + nilai + kuantan

5. grading
date: 12th december (sunday)
venue: female sports complex

6. training for grading
will start on 1st december (wednesday)
venue: female sports complex
all who want to upgrade thier belt are invited to come (^.^)

7. maybe thats all for now. all the best in your final exam.


Dr. Iman said...

cantik admin:-) good job. keep it up..btw 1st training kita start balik 1st dec..ha sesiapa di bumi uia atau berdekatan, hadirlah..:-)

Nas said...

ohho....gud job sista....(^_~)