Shito-Ryu was founded by the late Grandmaster Kenwa Mabuni (1889 - 1952) who originated from Shuri in Okinawa, Japan. 

Kenwa Mabuni was the 17th generation of Kenyu Oshiro, one of the bravest warriors of the Ryukyu Kingdom. Mabuni learnt from 2 renowned masters in Karate-Do history, Ankoh Itosu of Shuri and Kanryo Higaonna of Naha. 

From Itosu, he mastered the quick lightning-like techniques and from Higaonna, he mastered the slow techniques emphasising dynamic breathing and muscular control. He also learnt from Aragaki and Matsumara as well as the Gokenki (White Crane) system from China. 

Mabuni enjoyed the priviledge of learning from great masters, unlike his contemporaries who learnt from one master, either Itosu or Higaonna. Using the best and proven of all the techniques he had mastered, Mabuni formed the Shito-Ryu system, named after Itosu (pronounced Shi in Japanese characters) and Higaonna (pronounced To in Japanese characters). 

Till today, Mabuni is well known throughout the world as a great Karate-Do grandmaster. He inherited and formulated more than 60 Kata (forms or patterms). Shito-Ryu KATAs have now become the choice of Karate-Do enthusiasts worldwide, especially amongst competitors, most of whom perform Shito-Ryu KATA to become national, continental and world champions. 

Amongst Mabuni's surviving disciples are his 2 sons, Ken Ei Mabuni (70+ years) and Kenzo Mabuni (60+ years) who are currently this Association's Grandmasters.