Thursday, November 11, 2010

correct your stance

Long Foward Stance (zenkutsu-dachi)
Correct standard stance requires the front leg to be bent, so that the knee is over the toes and the foot pointing straight ahead.

To find the length of the stance, simply kneel on the rear knee so that it is alongside the back of the front heel.
The correct width is to place the rear foot (pointing forward at 45 degrees) between one and two fist widths to the side. In other words, if you drew two parallel lines four inches to eight inches (100mm-200mm) apart, the inside edge of the front foot would be on one and the edge of the rear heel on the other.
Cat Stance (neko-ashi-dachi)
Correct cat stance requires both knees to be bent and should look as the diagram (left).
The rear foot is placed at 45 degrees with the front foot pointing straight in the direction of travel or opponent.
The front heel is raised from the floor so the contact area is on the ball of the foot and approximately 70-80% of the weight is on the rear foot.
The heels must always be in-line and the front knee forced out to point straight in the direction of travel or opponent.

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