Saturday, January 15, 2011

quick update..

Everybody got pass n get promoted to next kyu during our last grading at female sports complex, IIUM on sunday 12 december 2010. congrats all. n thank you sensei Mizan, sensei Iman, Sensei Fadhil n sensei Najwa..

IIUM (gombak student) who went to the grading:
1. Amanina Hasanah: 4th kyu to 3rd kyu
2. Siti Khadijah: 4th kyu to 3rd kyu
3. Aizuddin Azman: 6th kyu to 5th kyu
4. Nasriah Ropi: 6th kyu to 5th kyu
5. Ameen Topa: 7th kyu to 5th kyu
6. Farah Ameri: 7th kyu to 6th kyu
7. Qatrunnada: 7th kyu to 6th kyu
8. Ili Ajlaa: 8th kyu to 7th kyu
9. Aisyah Suliman: 8th kyu to 7th kyu

current status in IIUM gombak (undergrad student):
two 3rd kyu: Amanina, Khadijah
four 4th kyu: Luqman, Zaid, Umi Nur, Hajar
five 5th kyu: Aizuddin, Nasriah, Ameen, Amnah, Nurul

highest belt IIUM student (shodan):
sensei Fatimah Khatib (promoted to shodan at the same grading, 12/12/2010)

extra info:
9th kyu = white belt, everybody starts here
8th kyu = yellow belt
7th kyu = green belt
6th kyu = blue belt
5th kyu = purple belt
4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st kyu = brown belt (brown belt have 4 stages)
1st dan/shodan = 1st black belt

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