Sunday, January 30, 2011

more updates..

16th January 2011, Sunday. IIUM Karate-Do Closed Tournament, IKCT 2011. First time ever tournament for MASUM selection. It was a good program, an exposure to new and old members who never go to any tournament. Indeed a very good start for them. For so call athlete, it is the time to try new techniques. But I believed that most of the participants are new. So it is a good start for all karateka.

Oh, this selection or tournament is not only for karateka Gombak campus, the other three UIA campus also join this selection. So it is also a moment to meet karateka from PJ, Nilai and Kuantan. We fight in the ring, outside the ring we are buddies. hehe

29th January 2011, Saturday. MAKAF selection for Selangor team at Shah Alam. Result will be out next week, hope that all UIA karateka who went there today will be selected. Lets make doa for what is best for them. Btw, only Malaysian citizens can join MAKAF. So hope that all of them will be selected.

Selangor selection for MAKAF is in the morning till afternoon. On the evening, after maghrib, some of us headed to Restaurant Nelayan, Titiwangsa to join AGD Karateka PJ. About the same steamboat like the one we has at Kunang-kunang. But over there got ketam @crabs :)  They had some multimedia presentation, some short speech (very short indeed), and food of course. Btw, there are only 4 representative from Gombak campus, Aman, Ameen, Luqman, n me myself. But only Aman join their program since morning to Tambun.

thats all for now.. happy holiday to all UIA gombak citizens.

Tuesday and Friday dojo training will be as usual

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