Tuesday, January 18, 2011

another great weekend

last week, with WUT n WRY, we went to Sensei Fadhil dojo at Bangi for assisant instructor seminar. how to be a good instructor. how karate dojo has change with season. this remind me of the first dojo that I joined back then n my dojo now. karate does change with time, mostly the teaching style. I hope I can now be a better assistant instructor. Those who went to the seminar: Sensei Shamsiah, Sensei Iman, Senpai Luqman, Senpai Khadijah, Senpai Hajar, Senpai Idris, Senpai Qatrun n Senpai Aisyah. we arrived at Karateworks dojo around zuhor time, so we missed the black belt ceremony. but I guessed it is not too late to congratulate our new sensei. sensei Fatima, sensei Rijal n sensei Aisa. hope that I will get my black belt soon. As sensei Najwa once tell me, " If I can, Fatimah can, you also can". there are not many female sensei u see..

anyway, this week we karateka did something good for our club. other than promoting, we also had fun n I believe now our friendship is stronger. what did we do? Karate demo during USC closing ceremony. the only martial art who did demo. hehe. hope that more members will join our club.

then on sunday, some of us when to 1st ever centralized training between MASK n TSKA. program start with stretching, then some kihon (basics). then we were divided into groups. the black belts, the brown belts, n the junior belts. n during the group session we did kata n bunkai. this is the time where many sensei check ur kata. they didnt adjust much of the kata I did, but they corrected my yohon nukite. now I know why it is like that. thank you sensei chan. oh, that is the day I know that each kata have its own set of bunkai. before, I only kow the bunkai of every set of technique. hope that u know what I mean.

I guess thats all for now. all the best in IIUM-close tournament this coming sunday. do your best KARATEKA!!

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