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In preparation for: SUKIPT 2012 (Sukan IPT Malaysia Kali Pertama-1-4 Nov. 2012, DEKTA UKM Bangi) and other preceding tournaments.
a) It consists of 3 days routine training that will improve the basic physical developments, in accordance to the sports science programme for combat sports, i.e. Training Programme for ‘Pre-competition period’.
b)  Each day will focus on different elements to be developed, i.e. muscle resistance, anaerobic, aerobic, plyometric, speed, agility, flexibility, and karate-do techniques.
c)   Programme begins from 7 August 2012 till 7 September 2012.
d) Those who wish to represent UIA Karate-do Mustangs Team, must abide by the training programme as insya Allah the improvement can be observed by the coach later.
e)  Please be reminded that the main UIA Karate-do Mustangs Team will be selected from 2 tournaments: INTER-DOJO SHITORYU (8-9 September 2012) and IKOT 2012 (27th – 30th September 2012 -Bro Kamal's proposed dates as of now)

1st day : (Advisable: Monday & Thursday)
 = approximate time- 45 minutes only)

*  Plyometric = Burpee jump.
-(Standard: 8 times 3 set. Minimum: 8 times)

*  Endurance Anaerobic = [1 meter touch, come back (do 5 stations)]       
 -Repeat the routine for 3 sets.
-Observe time by stopwatch in your handphone/watch, jot down date & time record.
-Must be [1]progressed record time.

*  Kata, speed repetitions.
- Applicable to senpais: Ameen, Luqman, Zaid, Raziman, Izat, Hajar, Sue, Aisyah
- (3 times) progressed record time, jot down date & time record.
-Different kata per day.

*  Kumite, speed repetitions.
-   Applicable to all.
-       All your favourite tzuki waza (hand/ punch techniques).
-       E.g gyaku tzuki, kizami tzuki, oi tzuki(fly), 1-2, 2-1,etc.)
-       (5 times), each times improve in term of completion of technique and speed.

2nd  day : (Advisable: Tuesday & Friday)
*  Aerobic= Jogging 30 minutes or swimming 20 minutes or brisk walk 45 minutes.

*  Kata - kihon training. (Senpai to do all katas in slow motion, observe dachi, hara, waza, zanshin, kime, kokyo & chakugan)

*  Full muscle stretching.

*  Kumite, speed repetitions.
-   Applicable to all.
-       All geri (leg/kicking techniques).
-       E.g mae ashi Jodan mawashi geri, ushiro ashi jodan mawashi geri, chudan mawashi geri,  mae ashi Jodan ushiro geri, ushiro ashi jodan ushiro geri, tobi mawashi yoko geri, mae ashi yoko geri, mae geri etc.)
-       (5 times), each times improve in term of completion of technique and speed.

3rd day : (Advisable: Wednesday & Saturday)
*  Muscle resistance training- muscle endurance exercise
-Do the bending/curl exercise for big muscles i.e.  biceps and triceps, hamstring and quadriceps, abs @ core.
- 50% of [2]1RM-Do minimum: 15 times repetitions, 2 set. (Or more if you can)
-How to do? = please observe the video that will be posted.
-alternative to the weight, get a friend/ sibling to help you by putting the resistance to the intended muscles or use alternative items: dictionary, text book, bag pack, big water bottle, etc. 
*  Kumite, speed repetitions.(Combination techniques. Routine same as above)
*  Kata, speed repetitions. (for Senpais, same as above)
Rest on Sunday.

Wassalam. Gambatte Kudasai.

Prepared by:
AMIRUL IMAN BIN DOLLAH                                                                   Mobile no: 014-2265758
MSN Specific Sports (Karate-do) And Sports Science Certified Coach, Certificate holder

[1] Time getting improved in each routine
[2] A repetition maximum (RM) is the most weight you can lift for a defined number of exercise movements.A 1 RM, for example, is the heaviest weight you can lift if you give it your maximum effort. A 1RM is your personal weightlifting record for any particular exercise. It could be a squat or deadlift or any other.

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I'm trying to restart karate and I used to do shotokan style. My question is, do u know where I can go for classes in kajang area?

I looked at the contact details section of this site but the phone numbers don't make sense.