Tuesday, May 15, 2012

IIUM Mustangs Team 2012

Male Kumite

-55kg: Zaid Hasni
-60kg: Ameen Topa
Izzat Shamsuddin
-75kg: Luqman Azlan
-84kg: Faedz
+84kg: Rais Abdul Hamid

Female Kumite

-50kg: Nuraziefah Nor Hashim
-55kg: Shafawati Shaharizan
Siti Hajar Mohd Azhar
-68kg: Nur Hidayah Hashim
+68kg: Ayesha Abu Johan

Male Kata

Individual: Ameen Topa
Team: Ameen Topa,
            Raziman Md Dom,
            Izzat Shamsuddin

Female Kata

Individual: Siti Hajar Mohd Azhar
Team: Siti Hajar
Mohd Azhar,     
            Nur Suhailah Shafian, 
            Siti Aisyah Suliman

Male Kumite

-55kg: Muhammed Izzul Islam Ismail 
Ashraf Mohd Adzhar
-67kg: Raziman Md Dom
Abdul Hadi Muhammad
-84kg: Mohamad Adiib Aziz
+84kg: Muhammad Akashah Ahamad

Female Kumite

-50kg: Qatrunnada Muhammad Faiz
-55kg: Nur Shafiqa Nabila Mat Sukri
-61kg: Umi Nur Rahmat
Noratiqah Abdul Rahman
+68kg: Vacant
Male Kumite

Individual: Abdul Hadi Muhammad
Abdul Hadi Muhammad,
            Amin Aiman Azhar,           
            Muhammed Izzul Islam Ismail

Female Kumite

Individual: Qatrunnada Muhammad Faiz
Team: Qatrunnada Muhammad Faiz,
            Nur Hanina Mohd Hanizul,
            'Afifah Sarbini


FAQ: Why my name is not in the team?

The selection of the team members was based on three things: (1) the attitude and commitment of the karateka, (2) giving chance and opportunity to as many as possible karateka to join the team, and lastly, (3) the performance of the karateka on the selection day.

FAQ: If my name is not listed, is there any chance for me to join the team?

Yes, indeed there is. As mentioned above, the first criterion of selecting the athlete is the attitude and commitment. Even if your name is not there, if you show excellent commitment and good attitude. You will have a seat in the team inshaAllah.

FAQ: Why there is Team A and Team B?

Simply put, team A consists of the senior athletes and team B consists of juniors. Any member of team B might be 'promoted' to team A if he is committed to training. Likewise, any member of team A might be 'depromoted' to team B if he usually doesn't show up during training session. And in case of the injury or nonavailability of any member in team team A in the day of event, team B will be there for backup!

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