Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WARDANCE!! (15th August 2009)

Wardance Team 2009/2010

What is Wardance?

It’s a competition held by the Kulliyah of Architecture and Environmental Design (KAED) under it’s oh so famous KAEDFEST which they launch every year.

Wardance is open to all martial art groups/clubs in IIUM. They consist of Silat, Karate-Do, Taekwondo, and others. Participation was on a group basis, where a team can consist of around 10 people.

The basics of the competition is performance/demonstration of martial arts. Usually accompanied by music.

FYI, Karate-Do Women's team used a quite catchy tune for our performance. The track is called Boomerang by Blumchen, and was introduced by our very own Kak Ecam ;-)..

The choreographing was also conducted by our beloved Kak Ecam..Congrats to all..your hard work paid off! you guys will forever..ROCK..!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Karate-Do won 2nd place in WARDANCE 2009/2010. Lets do it again, next year! =D.

P.S : I will post up the video soon, once i get it..


the real sarra shady said...

oh, sad..sad..was supposed to be there with ya'all..

ecam a.k.a sham said...

its okey...next time...sarah in charge k:)

the real sarra shady said...

waah??! serious??! OMG! saya rase...honoured sgt2 2 be given the oppurtunity. =D. ofcourse, we'll do it together2, ramai2 as a team lor..huhu.