Tuesday, September 15, 2009

MASUM IFTAR (3rd September 2009)

We finally got together, us, MASUM people, for our dinner. What a way to spend our cash prize money..
People present :
Sensei Hadi and beloved Wifey, Kak Mira & sis, Kak Ecam, Abg. Iman, Abg. Asrar, Salwan, Nazirah, Me (Sarah), Ili, Zul, Nasree and Kak Zila.
Location : Kenny Rogers, JJ Setiawangsa, Baskin Robbins, Outdoor JJ..

We had Kenny Rodgers for berbuka puasa..

After Maghrib prayers, we hung out at Baskin Robbins for some dessert. As usual, where there is Karate-ka, there is noise and havocness (mostly caused by our very own Abg. Imanla..hehe..).

Then finally, we cam-whored outside of JJ Setiawangsa, as usual. Karate-ka = suke amek gambar. hehe..which is a good thing,FYI..

Anyways, in a nutshell..best ah. =D.

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ecam a.k.a sham said...

wah wah...nmpak cm 1 family:)