Monday, August 1, 2011

IIUM joint Training

The first IIUM joint training was held on 16th of July. It was an idea inspired and materialized by some of our senseis and senpais. The training was held on Nilai Dojo. Only 5 karateka from Nilai campus attended this program because the rest of them went back home. And only 3 karateka from Gombak joined the program. The rest decided to have a good rest after they had a very extensive training for MASUM and then for the Grading.

First, sensei Rijal was in charge. The training started around 9 am with Basics and theory session, followed by basic kumitee training. Then Sensei Iman took over in the kata session. He shared the kate Naifachin Shodan with everyone, along with its Bunkai. And the last session was by sensei Mizan, and was about self defense.

Although it was only few of us, although they say the more the marrier, we had a good time there. Also, the fact that only few karateka attended was in our advantage as the senseis can focus more on us as individuals and find mistakes and correct them more easily.

Oh, yeah, the most important part which was the ‘lunch time’. We all had lunch together, and the karate couple, sensei Fadhil and sensei Najwa, did a surprise visit to us. We, including them, along with sensei MIzan’s family had a nice time in that restaurant!

The Kata Naifanchin Shodan

After Lunch

Sensei Mizan explaining how to...erm, I dont' remember what? haha

Gombak Karatekas!

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