Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ranking System

To those who want to upgrade their level this is little information bout the ranking system in Karate..

Mudansha-No Dan title holder
Haopkyu -8th Kyu
Nanakyu -7th Kyu
Rokkyu -6th Kyu
Gokyu -5th Kyu
Yonkyu -4th Kyu
Sankyu -3rd Kyu
Nikyu -2nd Kyu
Ikkyu -1st Kyu
Yudansha- Dan Title Holder (Black Belt)
Shodan -1st Dan
Nidan -2nd Dan
Sandan -3rd Dan
Yondan -4th Dan
Godan -5th Dan
Rokudan -6th Dan
Shichidan- 7th Dan


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