Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's all about doing it joyfully..

(Apa kena dengan sensei Adi & si iman tu?- Ahmet cakap dalam hati kot..hahaha)
Salam Everyone!!!

Thanks to Sarah for making all this happened andthank u to all, ecam,nas,sarah,asrar,ahmed,ili,nani,fatma,ani,jee,badra..for ur support all this while..:)

Hm..It's been 11 weeks we have been together since our last AGM on9th October 2008..And some events were successfully gone through...started with 1stmeeting (is this counted as an event? :p daa..), watch the AseanUniversity Games, Solat Hajat and celebrating the first day trainingof the sem..

And Insya Allah...many more...the ourney just begun..solet's together make it happen guys!!! any ideas just say it out! Coz it's our club!!

GAMBATTE MINNA! (Spirit up! Everybody!)

Rasulullah said,"When amaanah was taken lightly, so wait for the moment ofdisaster..."Aw kama qal (Riwayat Bukhari)

So InsyaAllah, all of us are the person who hold firm on amaanah...

therefore lets go for it!!! fulfill the this amaanah tillthe end...the new year 2009 and 1430 just begun...

so, on your mark, get set, GO!!


LOVE,Amirul Iman Bin DOllah


ecam a.k.a sham said...

haha...klakar gmbar nie...huhu..

otai said...
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