Monday, November 24, 2008

Welcome to Shito Ryu IIUM!!!

Salam and Good Day everyone!!

First and foremost, I thank all of you for taking your time to visit this is a sign of your support for this club!

This blog is basically created to :
  • get all Karate-kas Shito Ryu from IIUM (as well as other institutes) together and to tighten our ties.
  • help all members of Karate-ka Shito Ryu communicate with each other.
  • as a means of a public 'bulletin' for latest updates and activities from Shito Ryu of IIUM.
  • enable all of YOU to give your feedback and ideas towards the club! :-).
You can also leave a comment or chat with other members of Shito Ryu IIUM in our ShoutMix box on the sidebar!

Do log on for more updates..!!

Until then.


IIUM Shito Ryu said...

ONE BIG CHEER TO SARAH!!! (Person behind the bars..opss silap:P behind he scene...)

the real sarra shady said...

hey, come on. its just a blog. haha. anyway, keep posting stuff people! :-)..and login gune ur email la, sign up for gmail. at least xla everyone using the same account..:-).

Hardi said...

Sarah.....mcm mane nak upload photo? ke administrator je boleh?

the real sarra shady said...

owh, give me ur email, ill invite u so u can post pics and blogs..sorry, lupe mintak. :-D..

ecam a.k.a sham said...

guys....if outsider log in...its like they didnt know who we are...coz no introduction or club's hist...i dont know how to do it...pls...

IIUM Shito Ryu said...

yeah.i wanted to put all that stuff but i need you guys punye help to get all the info..